Fire & Rescue

In the early 1950's, the City of Dakota's first fire protection was provided through a partnership with Dresbach Township.

By 1971, Dakota residents decided the city needed a structured fire department with its own constitution and by-laws, regular meetings and training, adequate equipment and protective clothing for all its members. The City Council approved the organizational documents in September 1971.

In 1989, the First Responder Squad was activated with nine trained and licensed members. This was also the year ground breaking ceremonies were held for the new fire station and community center.

In 1998, the City Council approved a new constitution and by-laws combining the fire department and first responders under the new name name, The Dakota Fire & Rescue Department.

Over the years, the department has updated their equipment to include a responder van, pumper, tanker, rescue boat, ATV's and a heavy rescue truck with extrication equipment.

The department currently provides fire and rescue services for the City of Dakota and portions of Dresbach and Richmond Townships.


Fire Chief Deputy Chief

Scott Hoeg Greg Gerlach

Emergency Medical Coordinator

Lana Gerlach

Deputy Emergency Medical Coordinator

Chuck Hansen


Shawn Boldt Steve Pape

Mike Trocinski

Training Coordinator

Nick Erdmann- Monica Meyer


Judy Dobrunz

The Department holds business meetings on the first Monday of the month, training the third Monday of the month and the second Saturday of the month.

Dakota Fire & Rescue always looking for new members. If interested contact:

Fire Chief Scott Hoeg: 507.429.9756

Deputy Chief Greg Gerlach 507.643.6602

COVID-19 Policy

During these uncertain times related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dakota Fire & Rescue remains committed to providing the best care to those in need within our community. While we prepare and train for all emergencies, no plan can anticipate all possible variables, and the COVID-19 pandemic poses unique challenges in the way we deliver care.

Please be aware that we have adopted some additional guidelines designed to protect the health and safety of our providers, patients and the general public:

  • When arriving to a patient’s residence, a single team member will first evaluate and assess the individual prior to others assisting. This evaluation will include screening questions relating to COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Emergent care and resuscitations cannot be done by providers until wearing their prescribed PPE. This may result in brief necessary delays when the team arrives as they prepare to provide care while remaining safe.

  • Respiratory procedures increase the risk of exposure. As a result, we will be limiting our airway interventions when possible.

  • At the request of hospitals during the pandemic, family is not allowed to accompany the patient. It is suggested that family members provide a contact phone number for the hospital to follow up.

  • If the patient is ultimately dismissed from the emergency department, they will require someone to pick them up.

Thank you in advance for supporting our department. Please understand that in order to continue to provide care to our community, we must take these precautions with our fire fighters and first responders.